Men’s Bonspiel Play-down Sign-Up

Please read the following carefully.

Below is the sign-up to playdown in the 2024 KMCC Men's Bonspiel.  The sign-up will close on Wednesday, November 22nd at 9pm CST.  The draw sheet will be published the following Wednesday.  The play-down is for two spots in this event.

To sign-up, please complete the form below.  All curler names must be submitted for the registration to be valid, even your 5th man.

If any changes need to be made please contact Craig Heinze.  Any and all subs must be approved by Craig Heinze.

Please direct any questions to Craig Heinze, 262-391-8492.


Deadline to sign up is 9:00pm Wednesday, November 22, 2023.


Important: The Men's Bonspiel is March 15-17, 2024... if those dates are a conflict for you, DO NOT sign up for this play-down.  If your team signs up and you do not qualify, your entire team is expected to help/volunteer at the Bonspiel.