Private Group / Corporate Event FAQ

What is the 2 1/2 Hour Learn to Curl Experience?

Our volunteer instructors and current KMCC members will divide your on-ice time into two sections: skill development and gameplay.

The first 45-60 minutes guests will be on the ice developing their ability on three fundamental curling skills: sliding out from the hack, releasing/applying a handle to the stone, and sweeping!  We'll also go over some basic strategy and scoring.

We encourage groups to take a short break at this time to warm-up and enjoy some snacks and beverages in our clubhouse.

Then for the next 45-60 minutes we return to the ice and divide the group into teams so that we can put your skills to work in a live game format, after the game your team will spend the remaining broomstacking!


What is Broomstacking?

Broomstacking is the curling word given to the time spent socializing with your teammates and opponents after a game. It is common for broomstacking to include food and beverage and at KMCC we are big fans of incorporating this into your event.  We offer ice, soda, and water on a commercial tap hose, and we invite our guests to bring additional beverages (including alcohol) and food to share.  There are also several restaurants close to the club that will deliver catered options.


What should I wear to curl?

We suggest that guests dress in layers of flexible clothing and carry-in a pair of clean, rubber soled athletic shoes to wear when going onto the ice.  The ice house is kept at 38F but low humidity and no wind!  Layers lets you adjust to your own personal comfort throughout the event.  Some curlers like stocking caps or gloves.


How many people can we bring?

We book groups of all sizes.  There is a minimum charge of $400 (8 people) for a private event, and if your group is larger than 40 we will make special arrangements to allow only 40 curlers on the ice at a time for safety reasons.


How much will it cost to host your event?

The cost per guest is $50 and this includes rental use of all the equipment you'll need for gameplay.  Gratuities are not expected, but our volunteer instructors appreciate any generosity and will donate the funds to the continued growth of the club.


How do I sign up?

Look at our public calendar (Click Here) We publish all our club's activities here so any windows of time that you don't see activity you could request be booked for a Learn to Curl Experience.

We recommend that you complete our Private Group / Corporate Event request form sharing a couple of dates that would work for your group.  You can also email us directly at [email protected]

Please note that during times of high demand or for larger groups we may ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your space.

We encourage interested groups to select dates early as our calendar books up quickly as the WI winter weather sets in.