2021 - 2022 Membership Dues & League Registration

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Curling Season. There have been a number of changes for registration, payments and leagues for this year. 
Each member must register individually!
  • Membership dues payments will be made using the links below. Please note that memberships are delineated as "by Check" or "by Credit Card"

    • Credit card online payments are now accepted. If you choose to use a credit card, please note that credit card fees will be added to your payment - this will appear as "Processing fees".

    • Check payment is also available. Checks should be mailed to:

      • KMCC Curling Club
      • PO Box 244
      • Hartland WI 53029

    • Between the programming changes on the site and the diverse membership categories last year, the site WILL NOT automatically suggest the right category for you so please make the appropriate selection from the listed categories. 

    • NEW- Members who have paid into equity but are not planning to curl this year can maintain their voting rights by selecting the Social Membership ($100) vs taking a Leave of Absence
    • If you choose to take a Leave of Absence for this year, you will do that in the membership "shopping cart" area.  The Leave of Absense form is located in the description.  It is your responsibility to print, sign and mail it as directed.

    • Survey Questions: There is a survey that is also part of the registration process this year.  You MUST select one of the three options to continue your registration
    • TERMS and CONDITIONS (AKA WAIVERS): On the payment checkout page, the words "Terms and Conditions" are a live link to the new two part waiver (General Liabilty and Concussion Protocol) for 2021.  PLEASE READ before you click the box that you are accepting these terms.  There are also copies of the new waivers under "Club Documents." You will not be able to sign up for leagues if you do not accept the terms of the waiver.
  • League Selection will be available after you have completed your membership renewal (or signup for new membership) 

Membership and League Registration :

Step 1-  Select your membership:   CLICK HERE to complete membership selection and payment. By clicking on the box next to 'Terms and Conditions' you are agreeing to the following: "I acknowledge that I have read and agree to KMCC's Terms and Conditions, including the KMCC General Liability Waiver and Concussion Protocol." You should receive an email regarding your payment.   


Step 2-  Sign up for leagues:  CLICK HERE  AFTER completing membership selection and payment to sign up for Leagues - NOTE: ALL MEMBERS MUST REGISTER FOR A LEAGUE!!! IF YOU ARE A SOCIAL/SOCIAL+PRACTICE/SUB ONLY YOU SHOULD SELECT "NO LEAGUE". You should receive an email confirming your league registration. This requires that you complete ALL steps of the process. No email means not registered.

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